31 July 2010

Completely exhausted

That's pretty much how I've been this week. The first week back is tough. After 7 weeks of sleeping in, napping if I felt like it, relaxing the hot afternoons away, reading books....then to jump back into actually working 8 hours a day - yikes!!! But thankfully it was not as bad as last year. For a month or so last year I was completely wiped out. Just totally exhausted. It was horribly. I don't know how I could be that tired and still continue to function.

Now I have this race to consider. I need to train, at least a little. I just went and checked the website because I panicked just a little. I thought it was a 10k run but it's only a 5k - easy. I can walk 3.2 miles.... Swimming, I need to start swimming...how am I going to do that? I'm thinking of racing down to Waikiki after school twice a week or so and swim at Queen's. That's where the race is so I could get used to it. Actually no! I'll go to Kailua and swim that way I won't run into any traffic going home. Okay, that's the swim. What if I rode the stationary bike for now and took my bike out on the weekends?? Then I need to mix in some running. Okay, here's what I'm thinking....running and biking in the mornings for 30 minutes..swimming in the evenings a couple of times a week. We are only talking a sprint triathlon and while I'm not in any shape at all, I know I can do a sprint right now. Okay, that's the game plan. Whew!! I feel better :)

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