Yesterday we had a teacher work day at school and they served us lunch which included, among other things, beer.  I had one.  Only one I swear!!!  Sitting there talking with another teacher and we got talking about the Na Wahine Triathlon.  It's for women only.  All her brothers do triathlons and they are trying to get her to do one.  Having done it a few times I was telling her all about it and really how fun it is.  Well, not only did she decide to do it I talked myself right into it.  Huh???  WTH???  Am I crazy???  That's 45 days!!! Have I completely lost my mind??? I need to get moving.  I need some new shoes.  Side note:  I would really love to get those mbt shoes. I've seen the Masai in Africa and I'm wondering if those shoes would really work?? Anyway, I need to get some running, biking, and swimming in. Now!!!

In other news, I've noticed something really strange. If I don't eat I lose all interest in food. Seriously. The less I eat the less I want. But, I get sleepy and grumpy without eating. Interesting.....


IronLinae, PhD said…
Yay! Good luck at the race!

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