22 July 2010

I'm down

Today I had laser surgery on my gums. Just the upper ones but that was enough. It actually wasn't too terribly horrible. The periodontist numbed my entire upper mouth, the roof all the way up to my nose. Numb...numb....numb He then goes through with a laser and removes all the bad tissue. Next he goes through and cleans my teeth below the gumline. Finally he goes through with the laser again which cause the gums to clot and seal to the teeth. This procedure replaces the old one of cutting the gums, pulling them back and cleaning the teeth, then sewing the gums back in place. This is much less painful, less invasive, and less expensive. It also promotes bone growth in areas where the bone has deteriorated. It really wasn't as bad as it sounds. The worst part was the smell of burning flesh. Yuck!!! For the next 7-10 days though my diet is severely restricted. I can't eat anything hard or crunchy. Basically nothing that requires me to put pressure on my upper teeth. I can eat anything that can be put in a smoothie or smashed up. Yum!!! I'll tell you what though, if my teeth get fixed it's totally worth it. Two of my teeth have started to move because of deterioration and bone loss. So if it saves my teeth I am there...
There is some pain associated with this procedure. so I've been taking it easy this afternoon. Lots of lying on the couch and cruising online. I have nothing to read right now so I'm looking at Amazon books. One really good thing about this break has been the chance to get back into reading. I've read 5 books over the last 7 weeks. Sweet. I love reading.... Okay, I'm off to spoon feed myself more of my smoothie and watch some trash TV.

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