24 July 2010


Thursday was not fun at all, that was the day I got the laser surgery on my gums.  Not. Good.  Yesterday was much better though still not great.  My gums were still swollen and the whole front of my upper jaw felt weird.  This morning things feel much, much better.  I have some pain up in my jaw near my nose, but considering the state that spot was in I'm not surprised.  But feeling much better today.  I discovered that it is very hard to get enough food when you are only eating soft foods.  Yesterday I ate:  2 scrambled eggs with baked hash brown,  banana with peanut butter,  fruit smoothie,  can of chicken noodle soup, mashed potatoes with sour cream and a small piece of fish.  I'm hoping I can get a little more nutrition today.  I can not have anything hard or crunchy or anything that might get caught in the gums - like stringy meat.  I also can not chew or bite on the front part where the damage is the worst.  But I'm thinking I could have a sandwich on squishy white bread and cut into bite size pieces so I don't have to bite it.  I can chew on the back left side.  So today should be a little better. The worst part is no raw vegetables.  I love my vegetables.  Hubby had a salad last night and it killed me not to be able to have some.  Oh well, it's only for a couple of days. 

So this is my last free weekend.  Waaaaa!!!  I can not believe that 7 weeks has passed already.  It was an interesting 7 weeks. I began by saying that I was going to workout a lot, lose a ton of weight, get fit and toned.  Then life hit.  I was working on things and it was hot, hot, hot.... Most days there was no way I was going to workout in the middle of the day.  It was humid and sweltering.  No. Way.  So that fell by the wayside.  Then the scale began climbing. Climbing into numbers I haven't seen in years.  Then I started to get a little crazy.  Luckily I came to my senses, let go of all the insanity and the scale is exactly where I started my vacation at.  Not what I had hoped for but clearly better then the direction I was heading in.  What have I learned from this little adventure?  Well, I need to not get crazy about the numbers - which I do.  I need to eat right and workout for the right reasons - namely, for my health and well-being and not for some number on a scale.  And I need to keep my perspective at all times.  Just because I want to weigh 170lbs doesn't mean I need to starve myself or workout till I drop.  I found that by eating sensibly, doing a reasonable workout, and then keeping busy all day is much better for me.  I don't get exhausted.  I don't get starved.  I have energy and feel good.  So, although it was not the vacation I planned it was a very good learning experience and that makes it worth it. 

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