21 July 2010

Right, where was I

So almost a week ago I decided to stop this nonsense with trying to lose weight. I decided to just start loving myself right here, right now and forget all that other insanity. So, how's that working for me? Well, pretty darn good actually. In 7 days the scale has gone down 3.4 pounds. I feel great. I'm not focused on food and that is awesome. Other things are actually creeping into my pea brain. I haven't worked out in a couple of days but I've been pretty busy. I just try to keep moving during the day. My naps have shrunk from an hour to 20 minutes - and that is more normal for me. I'm sleeping pretty good at night if I could just stop grinding my teeth. I've actually been waking myself up. Not. Cool. So overall things are going well. I start back to school next week and I have things to get done so I'm off.

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