19 July 2010

Weight loss issues.....

So since my decision to let go of the idea of losing weight and to just be happy, I've felt awesome. I have not overeaten like I thought I would. I have not lost my mind around food at all. In fact, I have gone for long periods without eating. I have let hunger guide me. I have been more responsive to my body. And I have been happier knowing that I can eat when I'm hungry. I made my decision to stop this nonsense days ago, I just didn't post about it until yesterday. But I have felt so much happier and lighter since I made the decision that I think I may have hit on a problem with the 'weight loss' industry.

All my life I have bought into the notion that I was not good enough. I was too heavy, I needed to lose weight, my body wasn't very good. Well I've come to the realization that that is just nonsense. By buying into that bull I have set up a situation where food became the focus of my life. What I could/could not eat. When I could eat. Would anything be around that I could eat. How much can I eat. Did I eat too much/ too little/ too many carbs/ too much protein. STOP!!!! I spent so much time focusing on food no wonder I had a weight problem.

So what I've done is shifted my focus from food to all the other parts of my life. Instead of thinking that I should be working out or not eating, I sat yesterday and read my book. I really enjoyed it and I wasn't beating myself up for being lazy. I was doing something just something sedentary. It's amazing how much more I can get done when I am not beating myself up over something. As I stated over at Flo's Place, I have an amazing life. I'm in a fabulous house, I have a job I love, I have the greatest dogs in the world, and a husband who'll do anything for me. What the hell is there not to be ecstatically happy about? My weight??? A small piece of a very large puzzle. My dogs love me fat or skinny. My husband loves me fat or skinny. My birds love me fat or skinny. So why can't I love me fat or skinny? Well, I do.

I am now off to do somethings that I want to do.

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