What you resist persists

For most of my adult life I have been struggling with my weight - and I do mean struggle. Since I've been 20 or so I've never been happy with my weight or how I look. I have dieted and exercised and done crazy, stupid things all in the name of trying to look good. What exactly has that gotten me? Not much. So I'm done. I'm tired of fighting and battling myself. Starting today, right here and right now, I'm going to accept my body just the way it is, I'm going to treat it with respect, and I'm going to get off this roller coaster. I am going to eat right because it makes me feel good. When I eat healthy I have the energy and stamina to live my life the way I want to. I'm going to work out to keep my heart healthy. I'm not going to try and run marathons or do crazy things, I'm just going to get some activity every day. I'm going to do things I like to do, walking, running, bike riding, etc. Whatever strikes my fancy. I'm tired of fighting my body, I'm tired of fighting with food, I'm just plain tired - so I'm done.....


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