15 August 2010

Continuing yesterday

After my post I showered, ate breakfast and then needed to go get my glasses adjusted. Since it was just at the mall I decided to walk over - what a good decision. As I'm walking I notice a sign I haven't seen before - Mana Fitness Studio - huh???? So I go to take a closer look. There is only a sign and a flyer taped to the window but I notice people inside so I open the door. One of the ladies comes over and we start talking. Turns out they have been open less than a week and they teach Les Mills classes. Sweet!!! They have classes at 5:30 and 6:30 at night and on Saturday mornings. I am stoked. I am going on Monday to the BodyAttack class - I have a free pass - and if I like it I'm buying a membership. It is so close to my house, 15 minutes to walk and about 3 minutes to drive - 5 if I hit a light.

There are times when the universe or god or whatever you want to call it speaks to you. I really, really believe that. I also believe that sometimes things are thrown in our way that we are supposed to do. I think this is one of those things. I had just decided to get back into weights and serious cardio again. I decided on the spur of the moment to walk to the mall and I decided at the last minute to go the way I did. If any of these things hadn't happened I would not have found this place. I'm really, really excited about it.  I think it will be just the thing I need to get me going again.  Also, although I'm not a 'group' type person, I think have a class will keep me honest for a while.  I know there will come a point where I won't need this anymore, but right now I think it is the perfect thing. I am excited......

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