06 September 2010

Putting the pieces together

This last year or so has been a time of discovery for me. I have discovered some foods that just do not work for me; milk, soy, chocolate; and things that do; working out. I have discovered what I want; to feel good about my body; and what I don't want; to be tired and irritable all the time, among other things. Well, it's time to put it all together. I have found some workouts that I love - Les Mills - and a place to do them close by. I have a husband who will put up with my craziness if that's what makes me happy. So I'm going to get really serious. I have 3 weeks until break. I would like to work really hard for those 3 weeks and then use the 2 weeks of break to really kick it up another notch. So it's time to get the food in order.

I am going to track my food. I have found a cool online program that syncs with an app on my phone - no excuses. I have my FitBit that tracks my activity - again, no excuses. It might not be as good as getting some HCG shots Austin, but it's what works and it's time to work it.

For some reason though I feel kind of lost with the food thing. I was trying to figure out what I should eat yesterday. This is a little crazy since I've been doing this so long, but there it is. I'm shooting for about 1500 calories a day. That should be more than enough and if I stay away from dessert I should be able to do that easily. I also need to take my vitamins regularly. I think that is some of the problems with tiredness and aches and pains. I clearly can't eat enough to support all my activity so taking vitamins should help.

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