04 September 2010

What a week it's been

With working out every night I feel like I have zero spare time during the week. I go to work, come home, walk the dogs, play with the birds, go workout, eat dinner, clean up, drop into bed exhausted. Rinse and repeat. I felt really good last Monday and by Tuesday I was exhausted again. And not to put down anyone's job, but teaching is physically and mentally draining. It's not like healthcare it jobs where you work with computers all day. In teaching you are dealing with people, hormonal people, from the minute you get there until you leave. It's taxing. Hmmm.... May have to rethink some of my choices.

One thing I have to rethink immediately is my food. I think that part of my exhaustion is the food I'm consuming. First off I eat too much junk - I have dessert more nights than not, so that's got to go. Second, I don't think I'm eating enough - really. Working out causes me to lose my appetite and I don't think to eat until I'm drop dead starving. That is not good. Finally, my electrolytes are messed up. I worked out Wednesday night harder than I have before. I was sweating buckets by the time we were done and I pushed it, I know I did. Around 1:30 that morning I woke up with the worst cramp in my inner thigh muscle. It was horrible. It started at my knee and rolled like a wave up the inner thigh, then it would subside and I thought it was over, but oh no, it would start again. It was really horrible. I have never felt anything like that in my life. Talking to some workout people they suggested my electrolytes might be out of whack. Well, I don't use salt and the only I drink is water - do you think? So I took off Thursday because I was exhausted and then last night I had a dance to chaperon. I'm going this morning but I really need to rethink this whole think.

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