Bringing it all together

The foot is feeling much, much better today. I am going to buy new shoes today and that should solve my problem with the foot - or at least keep it under control like I've been doing. Also, Hubby is working nights all week so there will be no large dinners and no desserts. Also, zero excuses for not going and working out. So this week I'm going to focus on bringing it all together. Eating right, working out, lots of rest. I may have to get a dehumidifier for the house though. With the rainy season here the humidity has just gone through the roof. Everything I touch is sticky and slimy - yuck!!!! In spite of the fact that we live on an island, there are very different weather conditions just short distances away. Now we are at the base of the mountains and that makes for wet, humid conditions. Fun, fun, stuff. Okay, things to do today....I'm off....


Gal Gunay said…
I hope you foot feels ok!

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