07 December 2010

As the worm turns....

So I had a little hip pain but that has gone away. Actually, I'm glad I wrote about it because I was thinking the pain was from running - but it started on Sunday before I had done any real running. Good to know.

So I got up Monday morning, in the freezing cold, and ran for 30 minutes. I didn't get far and it was painful but I did it. I did not get out of bed this morning, I wasn't planning on running and it was too damn cold. Tomorrow I run again.

I need a plan for my running. I now have the following race schedule for 2011:
  • January 1 - Bosetti 10k
  • February 21 - Great Aloha Run
  • March 6 - Straub Women's 10K
  • April 17 - Wahine half marathon
  • May 1 - North Shore Marathon
I went from someone who struggled to get my workouts in to someone who is planning a racing calendar.. Wow, how quickly things change.  But I do need a solid plan so I'm ready for all these without injury.  I should probably check into some  term life insurance too, because lord knows I must have lost my mind.

Interesting happening: Sunday is the Honolulu marathon and today's newspaper was all about it. As I was reading it I was getting excited. I was thinking how I can't wait to do it next year and how exciting it will be to do the north shore one.... I haven't felt like that towards running in a long, long time. It's good to be back and ready to do the thing I really love....

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