05 December 2010

Things I need to remember

I whine and moan about my weight, how the scales seem to hate me, about my aches and pains from working out and other nonsense. I seem to forget how extremely lucky I am. I have the house of my dreams - and I own it - I have a job I really love, I have my animals (though some of them are questionable sometimes) and I have my health. That is so important I can not even put it into words. There is a teacher at work who was fine one day and the next in the hospital for ovarian cancer (I think). At this point she will not be back this semester and next semester is up in the air. A friend of ours had back surgery 10 years ago and pretty much lives in constant pain. There are times he has to make trips to the hospital to get morphine because the pain is so bad. He takes large doses of vicodin and oxycontin like it's candy. Thankfully I am healthy.

What led to this little gratitude moment you might ask? Well, I woke up this morning and my hip hurt. I was bemoaning the fact that my hip hurt and maybe I was destined to live in pain when the above struck me - hard.

Maybe I should back track a bit for clarity and for record keeping sake. When I started working out at the studio I'm at now I did Body Attack which is a mixed intensity cardio workout, and I did Body Pump a strength workout. Okay, so my knees bothered me. I got new shoes and that seemed to go away. Then my right hip started hurting me. This would get pretty bad sometimes but I kind of ignored it. I decided it was the price of working out and I was just going to pay it. Then my left heel started hurting. That I attributed to Attack and stopped going. My heel got better. I got new shoes (again) and tried Attack. One class and I was in pain for 4 days. Clearly something in Attack is causing my heel pain. So I have decided to stop Attack (for now) and focus on running and strength. I ran to the studio yesterday, did the strength workout, then shuffled home. I had a small amount of heel pain but nothing serious and it is fine this morning. But when I woke up my hip is bothering me again. This is clearly from the strength workout. So now, what do I do? Do I quit strength training? I really don't want to. I'm fairly certain it's not the running.... Maybe I'll try some yoga. At night, while watching TV I think I'll do some yoga. It probably is a tightness thing anyway so I think I'll give that a go..... Anyway, I don't have anything to whine and moan about and I need to remember that.....

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