23 December 2010

A moment of gratitude

Every so often I have to stop and remember how incredibly lucky I am.  It hit me this morning - hard.  I was doing my 8 miles when it all came to me in a rush and I actually wrote this post in my head right then.  So here goes.

I am incredibly blessed for the following reasons:
  • The typical health, job and all that stuff - and I'm not rushing over it because I don't think it's that important, I do - but these are the things everyone is grateful for so let's just get that part out of the way. 
  • I have the exact house that I have dreamed about for years.  Years!!!!  It is small and needs work but it is exactly perfect for us and we love it to death. 
  • I have a job that I really, really love.  I really love teaching and being involved in education and all that..It's awesome
  • I live in the most beautiful place on earth.  I live at the base of the Koolau Mountains which are the most beautiful mountains ever.  I love living here and I love that the Koolaus are never the same 2 days in a row. I could make color prints of them every day and every one would be different.
  • I have the ability to  do anything I want. Today I covered 8 miles, tomorrow I may bike, I can do whatever I want whenever I want to. 
I'm going to stop here because I could go on and on... I'm am, without a doubt, one of the luckiest people on earth and I need to remember that. 

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