27 January 2011

And we're back....

This is my first full week of work since December. It was tough. Between recovering from the cold and it being the first full week of teaching in over a month - it was really, really tough. I planned on getting up every morning and running. Didn't happen.  I planned on going to the gym in the evenings. Didn't happen. I planned on going to WW tonight. Didn't happen. I did do fairly well on my eating.  I didn't track everyday but the days I did were awesome. I haven't been overly hungry so it's been easy to eat well. I did realize - again - that I need to make sure I eat enough. A couple of days I went light on lunch and could really feel it when I got home.  On the days I was sure to eat a decent lunch I had no problem with my energy levels. So I really have to pay attention to lunch. Next week we only have to teach for 3 days. One day is a workshop type thing for the students and they will leave at 1:15.  Then on Friday we have a teacher workshop. All the Catholic Schools get together. It's boring but at least we get done at noon.   We will be listening to a speaker. Maybe she'll talk about sanibel island but more likely it will be about teaching.

Since I failed at everything this week I have developed a new plan.  Starting on Monday I am going to run at night after we walk the dogs. It's light enough now that running until 6 or 6:30 is not a problem. On the nights I don't run I will do some weight training at home.  I clearly am not going to get up in the mornings for now so I will do my workouts at night.  I think that will work better.

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