05 March 2011

Another week goes by in a blur

Monday thru Friday is unbelievably busy. These weeks just fly by...Crazy...

I don't know how long ago I stopped moving but I've reached the point where I have to do something. I'm sitting here and my legs are all twitchy. That only happens when I'm not working out regularly. So that has to change. I've been spending far too much of my time worrying about money. I've been looking for a part time job to help supplement our income. What I'd love to find is customer service representative work that I could do from home. I know those jobs exist but living in Hawaii makes the hours bizarre and they just don't work for me.

Anyway, enough worrying and more doing. Since I can't find a second job I'll work out. Tomorrow morning I'm going to do my Bob Harper DVD and take Baby Bella for a walk, maybe at the marsh. Then in the afternoon it will be dog walking all around and Dance, Dance Revolution. More activity.

I am also going to start limiting my computer time. I will not turn the computer on first thing in the morning and I will sit at it for no longer than 20 minutes at a time. I'm even going to set a timer.

Okay, I'm tired and it's time to go to bed.

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