21 May 2011


Inspiration comes from some of the strangest places, you just really have to be open to it.

I read a lot of blogs, many of them weight loss related. What I have gathered from most of them, when I was open to it, is:

  1. This whole thing has to be done your way.  Now your way may be WW or counting calories or increasing your activity, but it has to be your way.  AND, your way may change over time.  What works now may not work tomorrow. 
  2. You have got to be open to change and find inspiration wherever you can. 
That second one is a problem I have. I get into these ruts and thing well this worked before so I'll just do that.  But I'm not in the same place or position I was before.  My body is not the same. One thing I do know for sure, left to my own devices with lots of time on my hands I get lazy and I eat.  That is the truth, always was and it appears it always will be. When I do too much of that, I start to get thoughts like,does lipofuze work?  My life is changing and it will be busier, so I'm going to focus on eating right and things should start to fall in line.  Once I get used to my new schedule, I'll start adding in workouts and I will gradually increase them. 

Also, I'm learning from my new puppy. Bella has something going on and once in a while limps on her front leg.  She doesn't let that slow her down but she also doesn't push it.  So, just because I have an injury doesn't mean I need to stop everything.  But a little rest & relaxation is always a good idea. 

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