15 May 2011

Lots to do today

My to-do list is pretty long today.  I have some things that need to get done, some things that should get done, and some things I want to get done.  So I'm going to prioritize it in that order:

Need to get done: 

  • Walk the dogs
  • Laundry
  • Bella to the vet
  • Yoga - 1 hour

Should get done: 
  • School work
  • Letter to parents re: Aloha Show
  • Clean bathroom

Want to get done: 
  • Clean off the DVR
  • Wii - Dance
  • Iron clothes for work
  • Get food ready for tomorrow

Well, when I break it down it's not that bad at all.  I think I will get everything done today since Hubby is working so I'll be home alone all day. (Note how I put my workout in the Need to get done column :) Great.  During all this I plan to eat right and drink lots of water. 

I woke this morning feeling really good. Even though I didn't workout as much as I'd hoped and I ate more than I wanted to, I felt a whole lot better this morning.  Clearly I've been eating way, way too much stuff and the wrong kind of stuff.  So here's to a really, really good day.  

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