Full Circle

This time it's only taken me one month to come full circle.  Unbelievable.  On the other hand, maybe this is a good sign.  The episodes are getting shorter and shorter, eventually I'll get off this merry-go-round completely. I was under so much stress, for me anyway, that I could not focus on anything.  Now that the stress is lifting I think I can get back on track.  I really have to.  My pants are starting to get tight and I'm starting to get aches and pains, my left shoulder hurts like hell and I have no idea why. So I need to start working out again. Tomorrow. I also need to really track my food. I don't think I eat a lot but when I don't track I think I eat much more than I should.  So it all begins again tomorrow.  I try to look at this like quitting smoking. I quit a hundred different times until it finally stuck. Well, that's what I'm doing here, eventually it will stick and I won't have to start over all the time. Too bad they don't sell some kind of insurance for starting over. Or would it be failing to follow through?  Anyway, I even went to www.wholesaleinsurance.net to see what they had. And I was right, no insurance for this. Oh well. So here we go again....


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