15 May 2011

Let's review

The day went fairly well. The first day of getting back on track is always difficult. The body is used to eating junk out of control and it's hard to stop that cold turkey. Also, eating like crap the day before sets me up for failure the next day. So today was tough but, because I toughed it out today, tomorrow should be a little better. Awesome. I updated my to-do list in the previous post and a couple of things went undone.  That's life. But I want to look at the numbers to see how it came out.

                                                   Goal                                        Actual

Calories Burned                          2500                                         2137
Calories Eaten                             1800                                         1950
Steps taken                                10000                                        8900

Overall, not bad at all, but there is definitely room for improvement.

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