19 July 2011

Food Update

It's only been a couple of days but I just want to record the things I've noticed so I don't forget or lose track of it.

On Saturday we went out to lunch and had beer, flatbread and hummus. I felt pretty good after but did have a little bit of gas all afternoon. For dinner we had teri meat, fish, noodles, salad with oriental dressing and some milk. After this I felt a little bloated and the gas was still there. But it wasn't bad at all. I did have dessert on Saturday night.

Sunday we had breakfast at home; eggs, hashbrowns, sausage; and felt pretty good after that. In the afternoon we went to a BBQ and I had 4 beers, some pupus, 2 pulled pork sandwiches. Then around 8 pm we went to Zippys and I had 2 pieces of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn. Was full after but not bad. Oh yeah, I also had a lemon bar.

Yesterday, Monday, I was hanging a little bit from the beer on Sunday. We went out to breakfast and had kim chee fried rice with eggs and pancakes. I felt full after wards but not really stuffed. Ended up taking a nap around 11 am which I'm pretty sure was due to the beer the night before not the food. In the afternoon I had 1/2 a ham sandwich on french bread and felt fine. Then around 2pm I had 1/2 an apple and I had gas for the rest of the afternoon. When I went to work around 4pm I still had gas and had some minor cramping in the lower intestines although nothing happened. Dinner was hummus and thinwich around 6:45pm and except for a little gas, I was fine the rest of the night.

So nothing definitive yet though some possible leads. More journaling and watching patterns to see what happens.


kel said...

What is teri meat?

Flo said...

Teri meat is the local term for teriakyi meat. It's thin sliced meat that is marinated in teriakyi sauce and cooked quickly. Delish!!!!

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