27 August 2011

Getting mind and body together

Okay, I'm back for my regular ranting. I decided that I really needed to post about my original topic because it pertains so much to my well-being.

I am preparing to get serious about weight loss starting on Monday. Yes, I know all about don't wait, do it now, blah, blah, blah. The fact of the matter is that I have to plan what I'm going to do for workouts, when I'm going to do them, what I'm going to eat, go shopping, etc. Just starting doesn't work for me unless all the pieces are in place.

Which has got me thinking about how to succeed. Should I just start working out on my own - which has always worked for me in the past? Or should I consider alternatives since I'm not in the best shape and I have some issues going on? Decisions, decisions. My sister has had success with physical therapy nj and that has really got me to thinking about these things. She is a hair dresser and has some major back issues but has definitely gotten better my working with professionals. Maybe I should consider that also.

We are moving into Fall, or what passes for that here in Hawaii, and there are a lot of programs starting up. There are marathon training, boot camps, triathlon training, etc. A couple of them are run by physical therapists and are really good. We used to have a physical therapist as a teacher and it was awesome having him around. Anyway, those are some of the decisions I'm making this weekend. The fact is I need to hit the ground running on Monday which means having a solid plan in place and knowing exactly what I'm doing.

BTW: I love that pose in the picture.  Spending so much time sitting at a desk or in front of the computer, doing that feels so good on my back....

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