28 August 2011


I love sleep. I love sleeping. I am generally very, very good at sleeping. I can sleep anytime, anywhere for any amount of time. I have the ability to tell myself I will sleep for X minutes and fall asleep and wake up in X minutes. It is awesome. It is a talent I love having and I utilize frequently. There is nothing like taking a 10 minute siesta in the middle of the day at my desk. Seriously, I can do that and wake up feeling awesome. One of my favorite things in the world to do is nap on the weekends. There is something about taking a nap in the middle of the day that is so decadent...I love it. So sleep is something I am really, really good at.

Except for last night. I could not sleep at all. I worked until 10, then came home and went to bed around 10:45. And I was up and down all night. First, I couldn't get comfortable because of the dogs. Then my feet were bothering me, then the rain woke me up. You have to understand, I have slept through all kinds of things that didn't wake me up. Rain should not have been able to do that. Anyway, I'm not feeling it today. It's still rainy so I think it will be a quiet, relaxing day. Probably have a nap or two and head out to work at 2.

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