26 September 2011

The best laid plans......

I had such high hopes for this break. I really did have big plans, but those got blown out of the water. Let's review:

Last week: Saturday & Sunday I worked Walgreens and had no intention of doing anything but that.
Monday I had nothing to do and ended up sleeping and reading all day. Nice :)
Tuesday - all day conference in Waikiki with some girls from school
Wednesday - morning training session at school, Walgreens until 10. - Hour long workout in a.m. Unbelievably sore in p.m.
Thursday - Walgreens until 8:30 - hour long workout in a.m. Insanely sore feet and legs in p.m.
Friday - Walgreens until 8:30 - hour long workout in a.m. Legs a little better but still sore in p.m.
Saturday - Walgreens until 3:30 - no workout - legs felt fine
Sunday - prepping for my colonoscopy - yoga - spent the rest of the day being hungry and pooping
Monday - colonoscopy at 8 a.m. Spent a lot of the rest of the day sleeping due to anesthesia.

So there you have it. My plans just did not go as well as I hoped. So I have a new plan. Tonight I am going to straighten up my desk/office and get things organized. I will work out everyday for the rest of the break and I will eat well for the rest of the break. I can't do anything about what's done and gone, but I can change the future. I also have to complete my long list of things to do. Figure out how to finish my master's and pay for it. Find some term insurance that's reasonable. Get my car fixed. Figure out a schedule that lets me train Bella every night..... Among other things.

Now, another problem has presented itself. The races for next year are starting to open up. I really want to run. Really, really. Today I got emails for both the Diva Half Marathon in April and the new Honolulu Half Marathon in March. I want to do them both. The reality is can I? Can I be ready for a half marathon in March and can I do two back to back??? Can I? Well, a little research has revealed that there is 24 weeks until the Honolulu Half Marathon. That's 6 months until the 1st race. I can approach this as I've started to approach my other workouts - push myself. I can start really slow and take it easy with couch to 5k or I can do it my way. I can start with Hal Higdon's 30/30 plan. Basically you go out for 30 minutes for 30 days. Walk the first 10 minutes, run the middle 15 minutes, walk the last 5. That's it. At the end of 30 days I'll probably be able to run 2-3 miles pretty easily. That will take me to the beginning of November. From there I will start working towards my 10k on New Years Day. If I can do a 10k on January 1st I can totally do a half marathon 3 months later.

Okay, that's it. I'm convinced. That's my plan. 30 minutes for 30 days. At the same time I'll be eating better and working towards losing the weight. Yes, I have a plan!!!!

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