27 September 2011

Life is full of Do Overs

And here is another one for me. I tend to get down on myself for not being perfect. For not doing things exactly the way I think they should be done. For not reaching goals I set for myself. So I'm trying to develop a more philosophical attitude. Failure is not failure but a learning step on my path. Sort of like practice makes perfect. Well, here I am for another round of practice. I laid out a plan yesterday and I'm really very excited about it. It's a lot like plans I've laid out before so it's a little difficult not to get down on myself. But I'm not going to. I should view it like I did when I finally quit smoking. I must of have a hundred times at least before I finally quit for good. I always said the previous trys were practice for when I did it. Well, all those other attempts were practice. So today starts yet another do over. The 10,000 hour principle at work. You have to do something for 10,000 hours before you become good at it. I have to be approaching that number by now :) So today's plan:

  1. Workout with Bob for an hour
  2. Did into the pile of stuff on my desk
  3. Get a haircut
  4. Clean the birdroom
  5. Dye my hair
  6. Dig into the pile of schoolwork on my other desk
  7. Day 1 of 30/30
  8. Walk dogs
Somewhere in there I'm allowing myself time for a nap if I want and I will eat right all day.  It's not hard. I'm not expecting to climb a mountain or do anything earth shattering, just get stuff done.  So I'm on it.  Today will be a good day.  

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