23 September 2011

Did you get the number of that bus?

In spite of not pushing myself really hard and stretching after - I am sore. My legs are really sore, making walking and sitting such a challenge. Yesterday was really bad. Today is better but I'm still really stiff. Last night at work was brutal. My legs were sore, my feet hurt, my back was bothering me....Yeah, I was a wreck. Because of this today I am doing yoga. I decided that an hour of stretching would be way better than working out again. Tomorrow though I have to get up early enough to workout. No stopping now.

I have read repeatedly that exercise alone will not help you lose weight, that food is the most important component of weight loss. I believe that because unless you are on the Biggest Loser and workout 6-8 hours a day, you just can not workout enough for it to really make a huge difference. However, for me working out helps in a variety of other ways. If I workout first thing in the morning it sets me up for a day of eating well. After working out I really don't want to eat junk food. I want something healthy, nutritious and filling. Also, knowing how hard I worked out I don't want to blow it by eating junk. So while exercise alone may not cause you to lose weight, it influences the rest of my life and sets me up to eat right.

The point of this is that I haven't been tracking my food. I'm doing pretty well just winging it and feeling really good about things. I do have this cool app for my phone to track my calories though. It even has a barcode scanner that you can scan the item and it will enter the nutrition information. Very cool. I'll probably start using it again once I get the workout in hand.

So, speaking of workouts....time to do yoga.....

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