16 October 2011


is made in small steps. I have been making those small steps for the past week and I'm feeling good. I'm feeling in control. I'm feeling creative again. I've been working out following the schedule and feeling very empowered and strengthened by it. Strengthened not so much in that I'm getting stronger, but in that I'm sticking to the program. When I get one area of my life under control the rest just seems to fall into place. I need that to happen. And I'm making progress. On Friday I came up with a brilliant idea for handling my paperwork from school. You have no idea how much paperwork a school teacher has to deal with. I thought there was a lot of paperwork in Laboratory Animal Caretaker Jobs, which I have done and is regulated by everyone under the sun, but I was wrong. In 3 years I had not been able to come up with a system that worked for me. Well, I think I finally have and I'm feeling very satisfied and accomplished. That has led me to want to tackle the bird room. Today we will power wash cages, I will scrub floors and walls, and clean out that closet in there - move stuff or store it, whatever. I'm really feeling powerful.

Today was the longest workout so far, 45 minutes. It was 20 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of ab work, then 5 minutes of stretching. It was awesome. At first I didn't think I was doing the abs right because I couldn't feel anything, but towards the end I was dying. Awesome. Tomorrow is a full 45 minutes of cardio. That should be killer. I have to get up a few minutes early so I have time for the full 45 minutes. Luckily tomorrow is Day 1 which means I don't have a class at 8 am. That way if I'm a little late it really doesn't matter.

On the agenda today: Clean the bird room, do laundry, iron clothes, grade pre-alg papers, pack things up for morning. I can totally do this.

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