09 October 2011

Growing old gracefully

It really isn't. Growing old involves lots of aches and pains and things you never thought about before. Like your skin. For all of my life I had oily skin. Extremely oily skin. I could never use anything like moisturizer on it because my face would become a greasy, slippery mess that even I hated to touch. At the same time I had acne. Lots and lots of acne. Yikes!!! Any of the things that were available when I was younger to treat acne either dried your skin out completely or added to the oily mess that was my face. It was a nightmare. Then I got into my 30's and 40's. Finally my skin started to act normal. It was no longer very oily and I could put on moisturizer now and then without creating a goopy mess. But I didn't need to use it regularly, only once in a while. Then I hit my 50's. Hello. My skin became dry and papery. WTH??? I did not sign up for this. Not at all. Now i have to use moisturizer almost every day and be extremely careful what I wash with of my skin becomes extremely dry. But then menopause rears it's ugly head and I get these hot flashes where it feels like someone turned up the thermostat by 1000 degrees and anything I put on my body, moisturizer, sun screen, deodorant, starts running in rivers down my body. Oh, this is fun.

So one night I was working at Walgreen's and looking over the products they have available for the old and feeble - namely me :) I got to talking with the cosmetics girl about skin care. She is young, mid-20's, and has acne really bad. Lately though it seems to be clearing up, so I asked her about it. She started to tell me about a company called Tanda skin care. They have an acne removal system that uses light therapy. Now, as a chemist I know the power of light. It can do amazing things, just look at your skin when you spend too much time in the sun. So I know these things are possible I had just never heard of it being used for acne before. It is working on her. Her skin is starting to look really nice. They also have one for anti-aging. Maybe I'll have to check into that.

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