19 October 2011

I did it again

Last time I swore there was nothing they had to offer me. I said I could not follow their program because it focused too heavily on processed foods. Well, guess what? Not following their program, or any program, has resulted in a steady climb up. I have got to stop the scale creeping up. I have to!!!! So I joined again. I'm going to track my food, go to meetings on Saturday mornings, eat right, and work out. I need to do this. I can not stand the way my body feels. I have a huge stomach and I everything is getting tight. I need to do this. More importantly, I want to do this. So, like I did with the working out, I'm going to commit to one month. One month of tracking. One month of attending meetings. One month of working it. At the end of the month I will reevaluate and see where I am. One month. I saw a cool bracelet for WW that uses Swarovski Crystal beads to help track your daily points. It's pretty too, maybe I'll get that just to remind me what I'm doing.

I did have a huge success with the working out today. Yesterday I was supposed to work out for 45 minutes. But Monday night I went to bed late and didn't get up yesterday morning. So this morning I was only supposed to do 20 minutes but I did the 45 from yesterday. Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day but I'm going to do the 20 minutes from today and Friday, which is a scheduled rest day, will be a rest day. Saturday morning I'm riding my bike to WW meeting and I'm going to workout for an hour I think. Then I will probably take a nap, but that's okay.

I read a couple of people who have had such success with WW and I have had great success in the past. I need and want to do this. I'm tired of looking at a closet full of clothes that I can't fit into!!!!

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Linda said...

I did WW, it worked. Then I gained some back and had to do a new diet. I decided on the 17 day diet, it's just a book and I sure learned alot. Why would you join something you didn't want to again? You know how to properly feed yourself from the first go around. Maybe do the weightwatchers from a cleaner angle?

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