16 October 2011

Weekend Update

From my earlier post:
On the agenda today: Clean the bird room, do laundry, iron clothes, grade pre-alg papers, pack things up for morning. I can totally do this.

Let's see how I did. Clean the bird room - check, and I worked up a sweat doing it.
Do Laundry - check
Iron clothes - check
Grade pre-algebra papers - nope
Pack things up for morning - doing that as soon as I'm done here.

Overall a successful day. I also worked out for 45 minutes, tried to help a lost dog, wrote my financial appeal letter to HPU, looked into finishing my masters other places because I don't have a good feeling about HPU, ate dinner, and am now almost ready for bed. Oh yeah, I watched some of Kim Kardashins wedding and fell asleep. I wonder if they are really that boring and annoying or if the editing makes them that way.

Anyway, I've had a good day and I feel like it's going to be a good week.

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