20 December 2011

Day 2 - Working it out

Day 2 went well. I worked out. A. Lot. I did Bob Harper Ultimate Cardio Body in the morning. Around noon I went out for my first Couch to 5K run. I did the run to the store, picked up a couple of things and then walked home. Worked out perfect. Then we walked the dogs last night. I am sore. All. Over. And I love it. This is the kind of soreness I like. I can feel my muscles and know that I worked them hard. It's not a bad thing, it's most definitely good.

Yesterdays food was pretty good too. With all the activity I was pretty hungry but didn't go too crazy. I did have some cookies and a handful of M&M's but that wasn't too bad. The problem is the cookies are sitting around the house. At the Christmas party at school we got all kinds of goodies and I really do hate to just throw them away. If I can just eat one or two at a time and not go crazy I should be okay. In a day or so they will completely lose their appeal anyway.

So today, I am sore but I'm still going to work out. I'm going to do Karen Voight and I'm going to be in agony the whole time and I'm going to love it. So now I am off to workout so that I can eat!!!!

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