21 December 2011

Day 3 - the food thing

Day 3 went pretty well. I was sore. I mean really, really sore. But still I worked out in the morning with Karen Voight. I didn't do much of anything else the rest of the day and I even took a short nap in the afternoon, but I still consider it a success. Eating on the other hand was not the greatest. I had a chicken salad sandwich for lunch which wasn't too bad, but then Hubby brought pizza home and I ended up eating 2 slices for dinner. That plus some peanut butter Oreos. Yes, it could have been much worse but still, not the greatest choices ever. The thing is I'm working out hard, really hard for my current fitness level, and I think I'm craving protein. I'm really dying for a big fat burger. I think protein and carbs are the order for lunch today. The real question is where to go.

Anyway, yes soreness!!! My leg muscles feel awesome. I love the soreness I get from working out. I like it a lot!!! So my legs are sore and during my workout they were shaking like leaves. Love it!!! They actually feel better after working out, not quite so sore. Anyway, yesterday - Day 3 - was okay. Today I will be eating and tomorrow will be much better.

Now off to clean the bird room since tomorrow we have guests. I also need to run to the store to look for a dress. I agreed to chaperon the winter ball tonight and I really don't have anything to wear. I'm going to look and hopefully find something cheap. I passed a store the other day that actually had an ad up for romantic valentines gifts!! People!! Christmas is not even over yet and we are starting to talk about Valentine's Day?!?!?!?!? OMG!!! Okay, enough. I'm off.

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