19 December 2011

Day 1

One of my goals during this 3 weeks is to post everyday. Initially I thought I'd post at the end of the day with a recap of the day, but quite frankly blogging at night is not my strong suit. I prefer to blog in the morning. So I think I will post in the morning about the following day. So in essence I'll always be talking about a day that is over. I guess that makes sense.

Yesterday was my official Day 1 and overall it went pretty well. I worked out in the morning to Karen Voight and it felt good. I love that workout. Then I was busy doing household stuff, laundry, organizing my room, etc. At 1 pm I had a ceremony to go to for a friend of mine - that was fun. There was food and I didn't go over board. I had a small lumpia, a quesadilla wedge and a cookie. Not bad. I estimated the points at 10 I think and was real pleased with that. When I got home I was a little tired and since I'm on vacation I decided to take a nap. I only napped for about 20 minutes and was back up and at it again. I continued working on my organizing insanity - I'm on a kick to get everything organized and orderly. I have also taken over the cooking while I'm home. I'm doing this for a couple of reasons, one - hubby likes to eat later than I do. If left to him we wouldn't eat until 8 pm. I don't like that. If I'm cooking I control when we eat. Also, I really want to watch what I eat and keep my points as low as possible. I can do that much better if I'm cooking. I am actually a pretty darn good cook, I just don't really like it. Because of rain we ended up not walking the dogs last night so the only activity I got was my morning workout. But I'm okay with that. I don't want to injure myself or burn out in the first few days.

So Day 1 is counted as a success.

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