23 December 2011

Day 5 - a day of sloth

After writing my post yesterday, I almost bailed on my workout. I seriously considered not doing it. I'm not exactly sure why now but I did have some reasons - whether they were good or not is another story. But I had them. I somehow talked myself into doing it and felt pretty darn good. In fact I even upped the weight I use for the upper body work. Cool. Now today I am facing the same dilemma. I have worked out 5 days in a row. I will be riding my bike to Kailua today and tomorrow. I'm thinking of skipping the workout this morning and working on my thesis. I need to make some progress on that and I will be riding my bike later.

Back to yesterday. After my workout nothing much happened. I'm really not sure where the day went exactly. I didn't do much of anything and still the day managed to fly by. A friend dropped a bird off that we are birdsitting for the holidays. I did take a nap for a while. Other than that - nothing. Nothing. At. All. Food was ~eh~ Nothing exciting or thrilling. Nothing really over the top either. Just eh. And that was about it.

Today doesn't promise to be too exciting either. I will be riding my bike to Kailua to finish our new checking account. That means that on Tuesday I have to go to school to start the process of switching my direct deposit. I think that things will be closed on Monday to celebrate the Christmas holiday so I'll wait until Tuesday to go.

Okay, I have nothing more. I think I'm going to shower, get some breakfast, then sit down and start writing. I know what direction I want my thesis to take I just need to get moving on it. Today will be the day.

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