23 December 2011

It's that time again

Election time. This is a presidential election year and it's already been wild, I expect it to get worse. I'm not sure how many Republican canditates we've been through already, but I know it's been a couple. I have already seen a sarah palin 2012 shirt while I've been out and about. And of course the Obama stickers and shirts are everywhere. I'm kind of torn this year.

I've always considered myself a Republican. In fact I consider myself extremely conservative. But lately the Republicans haven't been saying things that I agree with. For instance, when Sarah Palin first came on the scene I really liked her. And when the Republicans lost the election I actually considered getting a sarah palin 2012 shirt because I did like her. A. Lot. But now...eh....not so much. I still agree more with the Republicans then the Democrats but both parties seem to have gone extreme.

I know the Democrats are going to throw everything behind getting Obama reelected. In fact, Obama is here in Hawaii now. They come here for their vacations and he is due to arrive today. I think maybe I should get one of those sarah palin 2012 shirts and wear it around where the Obamas are staying. That could be fun. I'm going to a meeting not far from where they are staying and I plan on riding my bike so I could cruise by :) Terrible, I know....

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