04 December 2011

The Missing Piece

For a while now I've been somewhat unhappy. Not really unhappy just not completely satisfied with my life. I have tried different things to figure out what was missing but I never seemed to hit on the right combination. Now I think I figured it out. Creativity or being crafty. As far back as I can remember I had some craft thing going. Knitting, crocheting, latch hook rugs, sewing, etc. I have always done crafts. Always!!!! But in the last few years I have gotten out of the habit. I'm not sure how or why, whether it was money or boredom or just a change in lifestyle, I don't know why I only know that is has happened. A couple of weeks ago I finally got invited to join Pinterest and I have been hooked big time. As a result my creative side is starting to come back to life. I love it. I have started a project this weekend and I am very excited about it. Here it is in progress:

It's an ugly TV cabinet that we have had for years and I have hated. I finally got some ideas for it and got off my butt and am changing it. I have been wanting to redo this computer room and this is just the beginning. The best part of this is that it has kept me moving all weekend. I have not napped. I have not spent hours on the computer doing nothing. I have been active and moving all weekend long. Yesterday morning I even worked out but quite frankly that hurt my back so much I decided to not do it again today, but I will tomorrow. Anyway, it's been great. I've worked on that for awhile. Taken breaks and done some school work. Watched some TV while I work. Listened to music while I worked. I really feel like my old self.

I think I have finally figured out what was missing. Creativity is clearly important to me and I just have to remember to make time for it.

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