26 December 2011

New Year coming

I've said this repeatedly but I'll say it again, I love new beginnings. New years. New months. New weeks. New days. Every new start is a chance for something. It could be anything but it's a new chance. I particularly like new years because I like lines of demarcation. This is where something ends and this is where something else starts.

Since I'm not perfect in anything I do, I like places where things end. If I've been eating out of control I will pick a day or an hour where it ends. That provides a clear and definite end to something I want to stop. On the other hand, if I have to do something I'm not looking forward to, having a set beginning helps me prepare. So yes, I'm all about beginnings and endings.

I should state too that for me beginnings and/or endings can happen anytime. It can be a minute where I just stop and say enough. It can be a day, this happens in school a lot. I will not like how something is going so I will change everything the next day. So for me a new beginning can occur at the spur of the moment. So while I love them I don't need to wait for them to come, I make them.

But there are some that just naturally scream for a new start. New Years is one. I love the start of a new year. It's like having a book that has nothing written in it. It's blank and anything at all can be written, done, created. I love it.

So in less than a week a new year will be here. Time to make some plans and figure out what I want next year to be.

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