03 December 2011

My week and welcome to it

One week out and this is what my elbow looks like. The bruises are nasty and ugly and the butt hurts like you would not believe. But the good news is I'm on the mend. I am definitely feeling much better. I even worked out for an hour this morning. It was hard but I did it so yeah me!!! I think I may survive this.

So the week has been uneventful at best. I have been sore and tired and not motivated to do much of anything. I don't like that feeling but I know my body is healing so I went with it. I wanted to get up and workout a couple of mornings but it just didn't work out. I'm not going to beat myself up, I'm just going to move on.

School was rough. It was the next to last week and it was loooooooonnnnnnnngggggggg. I'm sure next week will be even worse. I have a bunch of stuff to do over this weekend but it's nothing difficult, just lots of little things so I'm saving those for tomorrow. Today I'm going to get crafty. I have an ugly, ugly, ugly TV stand in my computer room here that I absolutely hate. This weekend I'm going to redo it. I've been on Pinterest a lot and I have gotten some fabulous ideas. This weekend I'm going to try some on this ugly thing. I also want to rearrange this room so this seems like as good a time as any. And organization. I am so freaking tired of being unorganized that I am really going to work at getting a system in place for everything. Everything!!!!!

I also may brave the mall today. I need some new running shoes. I'll probably look online too. I want to start running on January 1st but the shoes I have will not work. I think I really need wide shoes too. I only wear shoes to workout now and I think my feet are spreading. So wide running shoes it will be. Okay, I'm done now. I'm going to go shower and start on my projects.

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