29 January 2012

Time to step it up

Friday night I averted an eating crisis which is good. But the choices I made were not so good. How can I put this delicately, ummmm....Those Magnum bars contain far too much chocolate and too much chocolate causes me to spend too much time in the bathroom. In a way that's good because everything just seems to pass right through, but it does not feel so good. So I was dealing with that yesterday. Which led me to some thinking.

Why do I do this to myself? Seriously, why? I love the Magnum bars but they do this to me every single time. When is enough enough? If this made me throw up I would never eat because I hate to throw up, but the other is acceptable?? Really? I think sometimes, at least for me, choices are made without really thinking it all the way through. I think it happens with food more than anything else. I never do a workout that I know will hurt me - I stop. I never go somewhere that's excessively dangerous. So why do I eat foods that do this to me? Because they taste good. Time to rethink some of this stuff.

Also, I've kind of been cruising along the last week and planning on cruising along for the next week. I think that needs to change too. I think it's time to step it up a notch or two and I think I need to start today. I have some work around here to do but I can track my eating - which considering the state of my stomach and intestines is a good idea. So that's where I start. Tracking...Today...All day....

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