17 April 2012

That was scary

As I was riding home tonight, I saw a bicyclist that had gotten hit by a car. He was lying on the ground and did not appear to be conscious but I did not see any blood. I realize there could still be lots of damage without any visible blood, but that also means he did not crack his head or anything like that. It seems as if he got hit by a car exiting a driveway. I think this is good because the car would have been going fairly slow. Hopefully he will be okay. It really kind of scared me and made me more aware during my ride. As I've said before, I ride about 7-8 miles a day, and lots of those places are pretty scary. I ride through Honolulu's business district and that can be really, really scary. I also ride near a freeway entrance and that can be super scary.

It's hard to see but if you look at the red arrows they point to the right lane that gets on the freeway. In order not to get on the freeway I have to ride along the green line, which happens to be right between 2 lanes of traffic that are going fast and one lane is speeding up to get on the freeway. Scary. But that accident made me be more cautious and not get so confident in myself or other people.

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