19 April 2012


Thanks to Wm Rowe

We upgraded our television package by logging on to www.direct.tv this year. I love watching my favorite morning shows and drinking coffee in the morning. This morning though, when I woke up, was drinking coffee, and watching TV, I felt terrible. I had this really quesy feeling in my stomach and a faint, but just pulsating enough to feel headache. I hadn’t woken up sick in a really long time. I took some tums to settle my stomach and some Tylenol for my headache. After about twenty minutes of taking the medicine, the real sickness set in. I started throwing up! I just couldn’t believe it—I was sick as a dog. It didn’t occur to me until my husband got home that we had gone out and were eating sushilast night! After I remembered that I felt even more sick. Now, I have started to feel a little better, but I really don’t think that I am going to be able to any kind of raw fish again anytime soon. Just thinking about eating raw fish makes me cringe! I hate food poising—I really loved going out for sushi!

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