15 April 2012

Here we go again.....

Same old stuff again.... Not really. But I am going at it again.....I spent the morning cleaning and rearranging both spare rooms. One room will be the computer room and office. The other room will be the TV/workout room. After cleaning everything and moving furniture and doing all kinds of stuff, I like both rooms. I went from hating both rooms to loving both - Awesome!!!

We do have a lot of crap. I tend to keep things but Hubby is much, much worse. I often wonder if we should consider getting a us metal building for out back for storage. Maybe.

I do think I'm over my thesis. At this point it is literally due in a couple of weeks and I haven't done anything. I was going to try and spit out something but I want to do a good one. So I'm over it. I will take the F's and go to Walden and see if they can help me. But not for a while. I need to not think about my thesis for a while. I need to spend some time on things I want to spend time on. Crafts. School stuff. Etc.

We got to see the new Whole Foods in Kailua today. That was fun. We got a tour highlighting all the cool things about the store. Then there was a block party with food samples and a free bag. It was quite fun. They will have some awesome stuff. I really, really love that they sell food that is all natural and has no artificial ingredients. Meat that has no hormones or antibiotics. Veggies and fruits that have been grown organically. I believe more and more that the junk we put in our food is causing problems. Coloring, flavoring, high fructose corn syrup, dyes, fillers, etc. The human body was not meant to eat like that. I also love that all their meat is grown in places that meat high standards. No cages or crates. Access to the outside. The animals are treated humanely. I believe that we are made to eat meat and that it's not bad to eat meat, but we don't have to treat the animals cruelly to have meat. So I like that. I plan on shopping there for most of our food, I just need to convince Hubby that even though it's more expensive, it is worth it. Besides, the meat tastes much better and no pink slime... Yes, I am glad they are opening on Wednesday.

So I'm ready to tackle the week. I have the workout room ready for workouts. I have a TV, DVD and video player in there, I also have a laptop for computer based workouts. I am ready. I ordered a heart rate monitor that works with my SlimCoach and I'm ready to get really serious.

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