07 June 2012

Carpal Tunnel

I had real problems with my hand today. I was in complete agony this morning. Makes me think I shouldn't put off the surgery, but I'm going to wait until Christmas.

Anyway, when I had the nerve conductance study done on Tuesday I had to go to a neurologist. I found it interesting because I've never been to one before. I find the study of the human body absolutely fascinating but especially the study of the nerves. Our nervous system is an amazing piece of work. We can touch something with our foot and know it in our brain immediately. Amazing. I find the doctors that study things like Adult epilepsy. It's just amazing that the human brain can short circuit, cause a seizure and they can study it and try to figure it out.

Yes, I'm doing a terrible job of saying what I want to, but I'll continue to try. I had a friend who had epilepsy and nothing helped. Nothing. They tried all kinds of drugs and nothing would stop the seizures. He had to visit a bunch of neurologists, do all kinds of tests, and they still couldn't help him. I'm sure what he went through was nothing compared to my nerve conductance study. That was really weird. The doctor put these sensors on my hand, then used a wand like thing to send an electric current through my nerves. It felt a lot like when you bang your elbow just right and you get that electric charge down your arm? Yeah, like that only on purpose.

So that's my story about my trip to the neurologist. Just thought I'd share.

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