07 June 2012

Tracking food

Everything really starting to fall into place with this fitness revival. One area that I have a problem with is tracking my food intake. I always keep track of what I eat mentally, but actually sitting down and logging it....eh, not so much....But I need to do it because when I do it religiously it works. I know it does. It's worked for me in the past and I know it would work again. I just need to do it. So my goal for the coming week is to journal every bite every day. I'm on summer break, it's not like I can't take the time and do it.....

Met with the personal trainer for the last time today. Of course, she tried to sell me more but I just can't afford it right now, so I'm on my own again. I worked with her 3 times and she had some good workouts and I could follow those. But I'm like, eh.... I don't know. I know I need to do weight training I just need to find a routine I love - for now. I will probably do her workouts just because they are tough and I can really work them now that I know them. I don't have to do weights for a couple of days so I'm going to let it ruminate before I decide what to do.

I did get a really good workout today and I love that feeling. I have some sore muscles going on. Maybe I need to get some olbas oil. It's supposed to help joints and muscles and smell good. What more can I ask??

Summer school started today and wow, are they different then my regular class. I spent the entire year trying to get quiet in my room. Today I spent the entire time trying to get some noise out of them. It's going to be a long 14 days....

Well, that brings us up to date for now. I need to shower and head off to bed.

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