19 June 2012


Yesterday and I today I have been feeling exceptionally good. Yesterday I went to the gym after school and ran. And I got up to 5.3 mph or ~11 min miles - woot, woot, woot!

I also wore one of my favorite t-shirts that I haven't worn in a while because I did not like the way it fit across my stomach. Now it fits fine :)

Today was a little tiny bit of a struggle just due to some poor planning on my part. I finish class at 11am and usually grab a quick lunch then head out to the gym. Today I didn't have anything to bring for lunch so I thought I would buy something at the cafeteria. When 11 o'clock came around I wasn't that hungry and decided to just head home. By the time I got to the bus I was starting to get hungry. Oh, no! On the bus ride home I was getting hungrier and hungrier. Bummer. Today I was supposed to do strength training but since I was getting hungry I figured I'd head straight home. By the time I got home I had a bit of a headache coming on. I quickly mixed up some coconut water and protein powder (and let me tell you, it was quite tasty) and drank that. Then went to do a quick workout here at home. After my workout I had some chili. Then I had some popcorn. A whole bag. Now I just had 2 mini spring rolls. This always happens when I let myself go without food for too long. I become an eating machine. So I need to rein it in before it spins out of control completely.

The good part of today was, I got my first spontaneous compliment. Really. Some ladies that I rarely see said I was looking like I lost weight. Woo Hoo!!! I actually got a compliment last week, but it's from a friend who knows what I'm doing so while I enjoyed it, I took it with a grain of salt. These ladies don't know me very well and I hardly deal with them, so I'm taking that compliment as genuine!!! And that just made the day awesome regardless of my eating fails.

So I did a short workout at home and it was good. The real reason I wanted to join a gym was for the treadmills. I like training on treadmills. During the summer here, you have to run at 5am or it's just too bloody hot and humid. So working out inside is nice. I've been looking at treadmills half heartedly for a while now. Maybe I'll look into them seriously and get one. Then I have no reason to go to the gym.

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