23 June 2012


So in spite of myself I managed not to gain weight this week. This week was a struggle and I'm not sure exactly why. I was very tired - again, not sure why. I wasn't all that hungry but did crave sweets more then normal. It was really hot here, really, really hot and humid. I know that may have affected me a bit. Also, my eating was not good. I didn't go shopping last week so every morning it was a struggle deciding what I should eat. I have to take lunch and eat before I leave school if I plan on going to the gym. Which I plan on every day but somehow manage not to do. I absolutely can not eat lunch at school because it gives me gas. Not a little gas but GAS!!! So school lunch is pretty much out at this point. One of the reasons I started doing this was to stop that gas I seemed to be getting every day and I think I've narrowed the cause down to bread. I'm going to go to Whole Foods this weekend and get some Ezekiel bread. That is sprouted grains and no wheat at all. I'll give that a go.

So today is the beginning of a new week and I'm going to shake last week of an move on. This morning I'm headed to 24-hour for Zumba and Bodypump. I'm having buffalo burgers for lunch so I have to plan for that. And tracking, tracking tracking..... That is my goal this week - just like last week :) So I'm off to eat before working out.

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