30 June 2012

Going Down

This morning was weigh-in, and like a true weight loss crazy, I always weigh in after I've gone to the bathroom and before I put anything in my mouth. Insane I know, but what can I say. For the 3rd week in a row I saw the same number, 193.6. Which I was kind of okay with until I thought about it. I'm feeling thinner. My clothes are fitting a whole lot better. I'm wearing things I haven't worn in a while because I didn't like the way they fit. So what's up. Then I realized it was time for the monthly measurements. Whip out the %fat thingee and the tape measure and off I went. Here's what I found:

Fat %: -1%
Bicep: -1"
Chest: -1"
Waist: -2.5"
Hips: -.75"
Thigh: +.5"

I have lost almost 5" all over my body and 1% of my body fat. Wow!!! How awesome is that???? And my thigh grew by 1/2" but I can tell by looking it is not from fat. So what is going on is that I am losing fat but gaining some muscle and that's why the scale is not showing. What I'm thinking (hoping) will happen is that my body will start to burn off the fat and the scale will start moving. I'm thinking that I had let myself go a lot more then I thought so the old body is busy replacing muscle I had lost.

While I was a little disappointed with the number on the scale, I'm really excited about those numbers up there. So I'm counting this a total win and going to make my shopping list......

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Ryan.Perry said...

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