A real rant....

Here is an article that tells about Weight Watchers endorsing some of McDonald's foods. When I initially read about this I thought it was no big deal since when I was on Weight Watchers I would go to McDonald's once in a while. But the more I thought about it the angrier I got. McDonald's?!?!?!? Really?!?!?!? Now granted this is happening in New Zealand and not the US, but still. (Completely off topic, Zealand is not in spell-check!!!) I have a strong dislike of politicians and government trying to regulate what we eat. New York recently banned the sale of soda over 16 oz. Stupid. There are refills and you can buy more then one. The whole idea is just ridiculous. I hate the idea of trying to regulate and think that money and effort would be much better spent on education. Instead of telling people they can't drink a 32 oz soda, show them how much sugar is in that soda. Have a list of problems associated with drinking that much sugar regularly. Education not regulation. On the flip side of the regulation coin is the endorsement side. I've lost faith with Weight Watchers over the years anyway because their system used to promote more processed food than whole food. In the last few years it's changes and you are no longer penalized for eating fruits and veggies. But to endorse McDonald's?? Really??? By putting the Weight Watchers logo on McDonald's advertising people will get the idea that it's healthy. IT'S NOT!!!!! Yes, eating it once in a while is probably not going to kill you, but there are people who will use the WW logo as an excuse to eat it all the time. There are people who live on WW frozen meals even though they are highly processed and fairly tasteless. Yes, I used to eat them but I learned about them and stopped. See, education is really what is needed. People are basically pretty dumb and have no desire to look further then the surface. People will see the WW logo, not even really think about just go "oh, WW approves it must be good" This is just so, so, so wrong.......


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