09 July 2012

I need a program

I know myself well enough to know that I need a program. Some people can wake up everyday and think, what will I do today? I can not. If I do that nothing gets done. If fact, in almost all areas of my life I work better if I have a list. If I sit and make a list before I go to bed at night, the next day is usually much more productive. If I wake up and have to figure out what to do - forget about it....nothing and I mean nothing, gets done.

With that in mind, my workouts have been haphazard at best. I like the whole Tabata training thing but I only had one workout for that. Either I would need to do the same workout day after day or I would need to make up my own. Can you guess what would happen? That's right. Nothing. I saw a commercial for P90X last night and really considered getting it. Then it hit me why I wanted it so bad. It tells you what do for 90 days!!! 90 days of not having to think what to do!!! 90 days of having your workout planned for you. That is extremely appealing to me....

Then I read about the Designer Whey Summer Challenge. It starts today and runs through August 31st. Everyday they post a different workout by a different trainer. No heavy thinking or planning or anything. Just log on and play the video. This sounds like a good deal to me. And with everything else I have going on; thesis, prepping for next year; I think this will work exceptionally well for me. I don't have to think just do. I'm also adding in biking and running as I want to do both. Today it's running tomorrow it's biking.

Anyway, here is today's workout and how I did:

You do each move for 45 seconds then 15 seconds rest. Complete a circuit and take 1 minute rest. Repeat 5 circuits.

Pylo Jump on box (I actually did step-ups)
Straight Leg Deadlift w/10lbs
Air Squat
30 - This is the only set I did completely in the air.
Forward Lunge w/10 lbs

Couple of notes. Right knee felt a little shaky at the start but was fine. Developed weird pain down side of left leg from hip almost to knee. I have never felt that before and it was very strange. Seems fine now.

So there you have it. A great way to start the day and I liked the workout. Let's see what they offer up tomorrow.

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