01 July 2012

What to do

Actually there is a thousand things I can blog about, my quandary is what to do today. I have a number of options, none of which are overly appealing.

I could:

  • Go to the gym and workout, but quite honestly I just don't feel like it
  • Work on my thesis, bleh....I will probably do this later anyway
  • Work on lesson plans.... that is somewhat interesting, so maybe
  • Clean the house...this I'm kind of into and will probably constitute my workout today
  • Be a bum.... I did that yesterday and an not in the mood to do it again
So I guess I'll go shower and dress and then do some cleaning. The problem is Hubby is still sleeping. He is supposed to be playing golf but it was raining this morning so he cancelled.  He gets in the way when he's around...even when he's sleeping...

Okay, I've decided. Cleaning, lesson plans, thesis...that's the order of business for today.....

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